Do You Accept “Walk On” Customers?

All charter bookings are by prior reservation, so we can not accommodate walk-up business. Each charter is exclusive to your party. We do not place mixed groups on the same trip, such as is the case on party fishing boats.

What Should We Bring On Our Charter?

We provide various types of fishing experiences, from 6-hour and 8-hour trips to 2 and 3 day overnight trips. The type of trip you are taking will determine what you will need. However, there are some items that are “vital” to any type of trip. They are:

1. Drinks
2. Sunglasses
3. Camera
4. Food
5. Sunscreen
6. Hat
7. Ziploc bags (for your fish)

What Is Provided Aboard Lay D?

All tackle and bait is provided, as is rigging and baiting expertise by our helpful and experienced crew. Your saltwater fishing license is included for each fishing passenger with cost of your charter. The Lady D coolers supply plenty of ice to keep your beverages cold and perishable snacks/meals fresh. Plenty of air conditioned cabin space and comfortable salon quarters are available for a break during the day (or overnight sleeping quarters). Restrooms are also comfortable and clean.

What About Overnight Trips?

If you are going on a trip in which you will stay out in the Gulf overnight, you will be sleeping on padded berths. We recommend that you bring sleeping bags because they are easy to set up at night and roll up in the morning. Bed sheets can be used as well, but our experience has been that they are more work than sleeping bags. And don’t worry about comfort, our three air conditioners will keep you cool when sleeping (or relaxing inside the boat during the day).┬áPlease also remember to bring all of prescription medications as needed for the duration of your charter.

Other important points:

1. Be sure and bring a cooler to take your fish back home. Keep in mind that we will more than likely not need your cooler on the boat to keep your drinks cool. We have stationary coolers for your drinks, and a refrigerator inside as well.

2. Motion sickness can occur when out in the Gulf. But, it can be prevented. First, you can feel confident that Capt. Casey will not leave the dock if he feels the risk of people getting sick is high. There are things you can do, as well. Avoid greasy foods the night before and for breakfast. Over the counter medications such as Dramamine, Bonine, and Antivert can be very effective. Scopolomine patches, such as Transderm-Scop, can also be prescribed by a physician. Scopolomine patches should be applied at least 4 hours before leaving the marina and last 3 days.

3. We have a Big Green Egg permanently mounted on the boat. If you have something you want to grill, bring it!